Flatlay Challenge - Week Five

We’re on to Week Five of the #loveofflatlayschallenge and this week the theme is entitled: TELL A STORY Now, I know that flatlays in their essence ARE a way of visual storytelling. They often consist of multiple elements within the frame which are purposefully styled to appear organised or as organised chaos as the case may be. Either way, the goal is the same - to tell a visual story. A carefully crafted and well thought out flatlay is very effective in conveying the desired story and creating greater exposure on Instagram. This theme is designed to challenge you to...

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Flatlay Challenge - Week Four

    Hello and welcome to the halfway mark of the #loveofflatlayschallenge Before I get on with this weeks theme I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for for joining in with the challenge! It gives me such a thrill everytime I see a new image pop up. I hope you’re enjoying pushing those creative boundries and stepping outside your comfort zone, I know I am. Right, moving on moving on.... Week Four - FREESTYLE Since it’s the halfway mark I thought it would be nice to have a challenge to express yourself, put a little bit...

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Flatlay Challenge - Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of the #loveofflatlayschallenge INSPIRED BY NATURE You knew there had to be a week dedicated to pretty flowers and changing seasons didn’t you?!The question is, are you more a forage and find kind of person or do you prefer to carefully colour coordinate flowers? I’m afraid I fall into the latter category, give me all the pretty flowers! With the leaves changing and the rich Autumn colours in full force at this time of year there is inspiration everywhere, why not try a few different styles and flatlay something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. There is also...

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Flatlay Challenge - Week Two

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  Welcome to Week Two of the #loveofflatlayschallenge SYMMETRY & PATTERNS Are you ready for Week Two? I’m just a tiny bit excited about this theme! Who doesn’t love all things orderly? Or perhaps it’s just me, probably because I lack it in real life (orderly and children, yeah right!). This type of flatlay can take a little more time to plan and tweak in order to get it looking just the way you envision. Composition and symmetry go hand-in-hand, carefully consider the frame and the space between each object. The rule of thirds is a really good place to...

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Love of Flatlays Challenge

Welcome to The Love of Flatlays Challenge!
Confession, I have a flatlay obsession if you hadn’t already guessed (my personal Pinterest page is testament to this ha!), but I lack the consistency of practice. And it got me thinking! How much more fun would it be to build on it as a community and unleash our creativity side by side?

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