Flatlay Challenge - Week Six


Flatlay Challenge - Week Six. Weekly flatlay tips and tricks to build community and expand your Instagram flatlay skills!


Hello and welcome to this weeks #loveofflatlayschallenge

We’re on to Week Six now and what fun it’s been so far! I know it’s not always easy to keep these challenges up, but I appreciate every single tag and all your words of support! The theme for the week is…


Having a wide collection of props is useful, but not always financially practical. It’s a good idea to invest in one or two versatile props that you can use time and time again; you can then gradually build on your collection. Try not to worry about ‘having it all’ right off the bat. As you build on what you have, you’ll begin to create a collection of props that represent your style and personality.

The details (props) are the make or break of a flatlay. They have the power to either create the right setting and support your main product in all the right ways or overpower and detract from the overall context of your visual story. I find when it comes to choosing props, sticking to a more neutral colour palette is safe and provides more versatility, especially to start with. By mixing it up with different textures, backgrounds, and materials, you can use the same props without your images becoming overly repetitive.

A great tip I’ve learnt along the way, and one we’ve already had a look at in Week Three, is making the most of nature. Flowers, leaves, stones, sand, and even spices like mustard seeds make inexpensive and very effective props. Incorporating flowers or foliage into your image is popular—let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of greenery?

Thanks for reading and for joining me! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful tags!


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