Hello and welcome to Esme + Ivy!

It feels a little surreal to be finally saying that, it has taken months of sweat, tears and burning the midnight oil to get to this point. But, I am elated to welcome you to our shop specializing in hand embroidered bonnets and children's clothing.

I'm Kayleigh, Mama to two sweet girls who have the ability to simultaneously make me laugh and cry. They inspire and give me the determination to be a work at home mother. I am joined by my own mother, Penny who is a tad camera shy but there nonetheless, bringing her ninja sewing skills to the table and assisting me with the ever-mounting stack of fabric to sew. My husband Patrick deserves a mention too, without whom this website and blog would cease to exist. Thanks, Love!

We are based in Northern Ireland, where we see more rain than sun; although I like to remind myself that Ireland doesn't get it's luscious green reputation for nothing. Am I right?

It's been full steam ahead the last two months, from product design to packaging. We also have an exciting new product launching in our AW17 drop, I can't wait to share it with you and I hope you love it as much as we do!

I'd like to personally thank you for the support we've already received on this embroidered adventure, we have exciting things planned for this little shop. We wouldn't be here without you and would love you to stick around with us!

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